Tcup Island Puppies upped the price of a puppy after I agreed to buy it. I overlooked this.

Tcup Island did not return phone calls for days. I overlooked this.

Tcup Island wanted to sell their puppy without any medical records or previous shot history. I protested.

Tcup Island insisted that I feed this 14 ounce, 3 1/2 month old puppy 1 tablespoon of dry food 2 times a day.

This puppy from Tcup Island had not one gram of fat on her. Can you guess why?

I can guess. There is 4,000 dollars to be made in a smaller puppy.

Eunice, the young girl delivering the puppies, is exceedingly rude. In my presence, Eunice repeatedly i

communicated with her sister and others in Korean. They all spoke English as well as I. HOW RUDE!

How cruel to starve a small puppy in order to make a few dollars. I don't know if this was done out of

ignorance or greed. Neither is an excuse in my mind.

Folks, you have every right to expect proper medical records and some information on the lineage of the

puppy for which you are spending thousands of dollars. A site on facebook is not exactly the ultimate


My advice. Don't do business with Tcup Island. I almost spent 4,000 dollars on a very sick puppy!!!

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I recently purchased a maltese from Eunice and had experience the same scam.She kept promising health records nor birthdate and never produced it.

she told me the puppy was 4 months old and will grow approximately 2.5 pounds...even though I told her I didn't care about size...My vet has done dental check and am told that my dog was probably only 6 weeks old instead of 4 months. My dog is now 4.3 pounds at approximately 6 months old.

She is a scam!She has disappeared and can not be reached.


Teacup island,luxpup,poshfairytail,royal teacup puppies,and Ms puppy connection.All puppy brokers...have stolen a lot of money from people;you people are so dumb,buying a puppy from them,when here in the US they are killed everyday.If you get screwed over by them,its your fault.You have read all the complaints..STAY FAR AWAY.Another question,what kind of *** would but a puppy from a puppy mill overseas? does not make sense,you know how dogs are treated in puppy mills.


I have a wonderful dog from Eunice.She is wonderful and gave me medical reports and papers.My dog is healthy,gorgeous and was not starved.

She was very kind and held the dog until I could arrive from New York. I gave a deposit. Perfectly normal. It is not a charity organization.

Not a day goes by I do not bless Eunice for all she did for me.

I recommend them a million times over.Jill

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #278854

i purchased three lovely tcup puppies from Eunice of TCup Island!They are WONDERFUL, NOT STARVED IN THE LEAST BIT, healthy babies.

Thanks so much Eunice for entrusting me with my GORGEOUS, healthy, one of a kind babies!

I would recommend her above everyone else.My babies never felt frail or thin....they were well cared for and Eunice is one in a million with a very kind heart!


First of all, I did not go to the bar. I was with June at her hotel from 9pm until 2:30am in the morning trying get her PayPal account to work. (Her PayPal account would not work due to her limit being exceeded).

I understood that she had flown to Seattle so I tried my very best to help her to resolve the payment problem and offered a number of alternatives for payment. She did not bring cash and did not prepare any other means of payment. She was flying out of Seattle the next morning which was a Sunday so there were no Banks that would be open for her to withdraw funds. I offered to try Western Union instead which was a 5 minute drive from the hotel the next morning before her flight to obtain cash; however, she claimed that she was too exhausted to wake up and go in the morning. She actually told me to take her key, come back to her hotel in the morning at 8am, wake her up, call PayPal for her, and resolve the entire issue for her. I explained to her that PayPal usually required around 3 business days in order to link her bank account and remove the payment limit so I suggested that she should call PayPal the next morning to confirm this before having me travel to her hotel again (which was an approximate 40 minute drive away). She declined my suggestion because she claimed that she would be unable to wake up that early without me waking her in person.

After this entire ordeal at her hotel, I was very shocked when she requested that I leave the...

When I sell my dogs to their new families, I like to be in good relations with the owner so that I can keep in touch and ensure that I can trust them to provide the utmost care for their puppy. After this ordeal, I felt very uncomfortable leaving the puppy with June and decided to give her a full refund for her original deposit. When I got back home that same night I issued June a full refund of her deposit on PayPal.

I have the receipt from PayPal with full details of this refund being completed. These comments by June display her emotional instabilities by making false claims about other people when she does not get her way.

If anyone is interested in viewing this receipt, feel free to contact me at tcupisland "at" gmail.com.

The comment about starving puppies is simply ridiculous. Puppies of this size are highly susceptible to hypoglycaemia if they are underfed or even if they are not fed on time.

My puppies are healthy, happy, and always full of energy as you can be seen in my videos and in person if you visit me.

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I wrote the comment on" tcup Island starves puppies to keep them small. If anyone would like to contact me regarding that would be great. zjuneandjivan@yahoo.com


I stand by what I posted and I don't care if my name is given as the writer.

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